Water (Remix) | Joe Gifted x Quavo x Gucci Mane


Never had a chance to blog about the original version of this song, so I'm glad a remix came around so I could officially go on record about how much I love the song.  With the remix surfacing yesterday, I'm glad to hear that a lot of the original song was kept in place as far as the hook and Joe Gifted's verse.  Picking these two Atlanta rappers, who are arguably the top two artists you want featured on your track right about now, was a genius move.  Quavo definitely held it down with his verse, I appreciate how he attempted to keep his flow close to the original version of the song.  Gucci Mane's flow was pretty classic Gucci, but it did fit well on the track.  Sometimes remixes can really disappoint, especially when the original song is so on point, but this remix does the original justice and can easily replace the original.