Bad Tings (Richmix) | Zoey Dollaz x Future x Tory Lanez


I knew I had been hearing Zoey Dollaz's hit song, Blow A Check, throughout last year, but I didn't know he was the artist behind the track.  I knew I'd heard of who Zoey Dollaz, but never made the connection.  I also knew Future was pushing the artists by including him on some legs of his Nobody Safe Tour and most recently posting about his new EP M'ap Boule, but I didn't know he was actually signed to Future's label, Freebandz Records.  I haven't gone through the entire EP yet, but I did like this track, which is apparently a remix.  The original has the same production and hook, so the additions seem to be in the features.  The only strange thing about the song is that Future is doing some singing and Tory Lanez is doing some rapping.  That aside, it's some cool riding music and since I did also like Blow A Check, that's enough to move me to see what else the Miami rapper has to offer.