Say I Didn't | Vic Mensa


With the release of his first official album this past week, Vic Mensa is showing why he's highly respected by Jay-Z, and many should understand why after listening to the album.  This track by the Roc Nation signee is the lead off song from the album, The Autobiography, and it's a nice opening to what really does feel like an audio autobiography.  The track is hella motivational as he talks to his parents and others about things that he claimed at a young age and being able to say he lived up to those promises.  Dude is super talented and although a lot of the mainstream attention isn't there, I don't really think it's necessary for him.  He just released a short EP in early June and a couple of those tracks made their way on the album.  That EP seems to have disappeared from #Tidal, so maybe it was a small teaser before the album was actually released.  If you haven't listened to Vic, give him a try, and you likely won't be disappointed.