9-24-7000 | Action Bronson x Rick Ross


I have to start off by saying although I was familiar with Action Bronson more so from his foodie show on VIceland, his music was another story.  As soon as this track started playing, I was into it.  I searched for who was responsible for the production, but that information was not readily available.  The producer deserves so much credit for this funky, smooth production.  That is a major part of the appeal of the track for me.  Both rappers rode the production so nicely.  Having #Rozay as a feature on the track was nothing short of genius.  In my opinion, Ross shines on this type of production.  A few weeks ago, I heard another single off Bronson's upcoming album but I didn't get the feels from that song that I get from this.  This song is super dope, so much so that after hearing this single, I'm more inclined to check out the album Blue Chips 7000 that is scheduled to release this Friday.