For Real | Lil Uzi Vert


Now I ain't ever claim to be a Lil Uzi Vert fan, but as with all new music, I like to give every artists the same chance and give an objective listen.  Plus, with Lil Uzi, as much as I haven't wanted to like a couple of his hit singles, I found myself enjoying them after a few dozen listens.  So as I began my listen of his first, official studio album, this particular track was the first to play as I normally like to listen in shuffle mode.  The production on the track was intriguing and honestly was probably the only reason that I kept listening as long as I did.  As the song continues, I actually liked what #Uzi did with it.  His flow, style and the arrangement of the song is just all around dope.  This song made me want to hear more of the album and there are a few other tracks on there that also caught me off guard.  The production is definitely A-1 on just about all of the songs. A lot of interests will likely depend on how much of his style one can take.