Smooth Sailing | Trick Daddy x Trina x Ali Coyote


Who said Slip-N-Slide was dead?  Last night, I noticed the release of a new track with two of the most notable Slip-N-Slide artists.  It seems that the song is a true collaboration track as opposed to a Trick song featuring Trina or vice versa.  Upon further research, I learned that Trina and Trick are coming out with a joint album titled TNT, and I for one, am here for it!  I don't know what took so long for this to happen because it just makes so much sense.  As the lead off single, I wish I was getting more Nann vibes, but the singer featured on the track does add a nice touch.  I wasn't really feeling Trina's verse and I grew up an avid fan of hers, so I found it odd that she was kinda singing on the song.  I was hoping for a good ole gutter verse from her that I know she is capable of giving.  The track is okay though...the production adds a lot of value to the song and I can say that after listening, I'm looking forward to the release of this album.  Trina is also said to be releasing her own studio album next month and I definitely can't wait to hear that and hope she's giving old school Trina on it.