Love a Loser | Cassie x G-Eazy


I've literally been wrecking my brain trying to remember the last time I heard new music from Cassie.  It really has been that long and with her longtime beau being #Diddy, it seems like it's been way too long. Thanks to good ole google, I discovered that her hit song Me & U was released in 2006.  I know she's been acting/modeling over the past several years so she's still kept busy, but it seems her music bone finally started itching again.  I actually really like this's more R&B than pop and it definitely works for her.  The track features new-ish rapper, G-Eazy who fits perfectly on the track and I must admit, the more I hear from him, the more of a fan I'm becoming.  The track is cool, and hopefully her boo will step in to assist with the promo/marketing, which should help it's reach.  There's word that she will be releasing a new album so I'm certainly curious to hear what more she has to offer since it has been so long since she's been out with music.