So Excited | Fat Joe x Dre


Fat Joe seems to be back on the solo tip after the collaboration release with Remy Ma, and we got this new song last week which I presume is the lead off single for his next project.  The production will sound familiar as it is a sample that has been used quite a few times in hip-hop.  One of the most memorable to me was during the Biggie vs. Pac days with the releases of Get Money and Hit 'Em Up.  The original song still bangs so naturally the production will give you the same feeling.  It was a dope treatment of the sample and the track really gives you a summer-time vibe.  The cover art on the track accurately depicts the feeling that the song gives me.  The feature Dre is the Dre from the long-standing production duo Cool and Dre and he takes on the hook on the track.  He kind of sounds like Drake on the track, but it fits well for the song.  This song is definitely catchy and will likely be a banger.