New Freezer | Rich The Kid x Kendrick Lamar


Am I the only person that has heard about Rich The Kid for years now, but could not name you one song? I know I can't be the only one.  He has certainly mastered the PR game by constantly having some sort of buzz around him, but I can't tell you if that buzz has been about the music, because like I said I can't say that I've heard a single song.  For a while, I was thinking that he was synonymous with the rap group from Atlanta, Rich Kids, but I stand corrected.  Either way, he clearly has the attention of people that matter because not everyone can get a collaboration from K. Dot.  The production on this particular track is dope and right up my alley.  It's one of those beats that captures your attention and then you have to remember to actually listen to the lyrics of the song.  Since I'm not familiar with Rich The Kid's catalog, I can't compare this to his other tracks but I like the way he raps on the song.  Kendrick is being Kendrick and I must say I like to hear him on beats like this because it's a little different than we would probably hear on his own project.  All in all, it's a cool song and I will likely be doubling back a few times to listen.