Pick Me Up | Tamar Braxton


As Tamar is preparing for the release of her latest album tomorrow for #NewMusicFriday, she dropped another single, I think, last week.  This single follows the ballad "My Man," that I was not too crazy about.  I love Tamar's voice (and over-the-top personality) and her album Love and War still gets plays on my streaming service so not liking that first single was more about disappointment.  When this track started playing, I immediately felt like it reminded me of the song "All The Way Home" from that Love and War album because of the old-school feel and sample usage.  This track isn't really doing it for me either...I'm not quite sure what it is but it doesn't seem like she's been able to create the magic that she had from that first album.  I know the famous Rodney Jerkins is an executive producer on this album so I'm not sure if that's the difference but Rodney is known for hits so maybe their chemistry just doesn't mesh well.  Either way, I'll definitely be checking out the album in its entirety tomorrow with an open mind and hopeful thoughts.