Breakin' Me | Tink



The Chicago-bred rapper is back with new music this week after quite a few months since her last release.  It seemed like Tink was about to take off for a minute because her buzz was steadily growing, but then she seemed to have stepped back from the limelight.  Well, I'm glad to hear she's back and this is a dope track to reenter with.  Over a slow and sultry production, Tink spits on a topic that many women can identify with...a lying ass man and relationship issues.  I didn't realize until now that she was signed to #Timbaland's label and has been since 2014.  I'm not sure what the holdup is on getting her album out there or at least having her release more music on a consistent basis.  I'm not sure if this song is a single from her album which has an unspecified release date for sometime in 2018, but they need to step the promo game up because she really is too talented to continued to be overlooked.