MLK | Young Thug x Trouble x Shad Da God



I knew something was strange when this much time had gone in the day and not one rapper released a MLK/I Have A Dream-type song and/or mixtape.  I definitely spoke too soon as I log on and find out that Young Thug has released this track.  Thugger is accompanied by two fellow ATLiens for the song, but their verses didn't come in until there was about 1 minute left of the song, so it kinda feels like their addition was an afterthought.  Now as someone who actually consider themselves a fan of Young Thug, the song is cool but it isn't necessarily one of those tracks that will be saved to faves.  I've bee waiting on a good solid mixtape from Thug since the Barter 6 and although there have been some songs that I've definitely jammed to, I'm hoping for a nice project in the first quarter of 2018 that takes me back to the Barter 6 vibe.  Sidenote: Waiting for the backlash for not only the song, but for the cover art in 5,4,3,2,...