U Don't Know | Justine Skye x Wizkid



After releasing a few songs here and there over the past few months, Justine Skye's first studio album is finally out today.  I haven't had the chance to fully listen to the album yet, but during my listening session, this song initially stuck out to me.  This particular song was actually released in 2016, but I'm guessing since it never really caught on, they figured why not add it to the actual album.  The song is dope and a nice R&B-Afrobeat combo.  When doing some research on the track, I stumbled upon rumors that these two were supposed to be an item at some point, but apparently that's no longer a thing.  Interesting.  Either way, I'm digging the song and she continues to leave good impressions on me.  Can't wait to dive into the album and hear more.