God's Plan x Diplomatic Immunity | Drake



Drake surprised everyone on Saturday morning by dropping these 2 new tracks on what's being called an EP titled Scary Hours.  My only confusion is, are both of these songs the only songs that are on this EP?; and if so, why is he calling it an EP and not just 2 new songs.  Both of the songs are cool...I'm not extremely crazy about either one, but I will say when I first heard God's Plan, I found myself thinking, this sounds like mixtape Drake that I used to really fux with.  God's Plan is the more radio-friendly track and I won't be surprised if it is played out by the end of next week.  Diplomatic Immunity is probably my favorite of the two.  Don't think this one will necessarily end up on the radio, but it definitely has a lot of quotables that will surely be used as Instagram captions for the next few months.  I'm assuming these two songs are an indication that we'll be getting a more complete body of work from Drake soon.