Love Drugs | Maxo Kream



Since the start of 2018 has been pretty slow for music releases thus far, I've been trying to dive into some music that is new and unfamiliar to me.  This artist is not necessarily new, with his first mixtape dropping back in 2012, but he's certainly new to me.  I decided to give his debut studio album, Punken, a listen and even though I didn't know what to expect, I will say I'm somewhat impressed.  He hails out of Texas and I would say that what I've heard is a nice mixture of that trap sound and that sound that Texas is famous for when it comes to hip-hop.  This song is cool, the production is representative of what you can expect from the album.  As far as the rapping ability, I think it's safe to say he shouldn't be lumped into the same category of a lot of these rappers these days, whether you want to call them Soundcloud or mumble rappers.  I don't know if we'll hear any of his music in a mainstream setting, but I imagine he has a large enough fan base where that may not matter.