Big Bad Wolf | Lil Wayne



Apparently it is not yet time to write Lil Wayne off.  My last mention of him was following the release of the track "Bank Account" leading up to the release of his latest mixtape in the Dedication series, Dedication 6.  Aside from hearing a few songs here and there, I haven't heard the whole mixtape in its entirety.  I mentioned in my review of the "Bank Account" song that I was tired of autotune Wayne and that lone factor deterred me from even hearing the tape.  This song dropped yesterday and I decided to give it a listen and I'm glad I did.  Wayne raps for about 4 minutes straight over Blac Youngsta's hit, "Hip Hopper," and that production still goes so hard, it's hard not to be into the track immediately.  I was so glad to hear not a single use of autotune (or if there is, it was so minimal that you can't tell) and Wayne getting back to the punchlines and metaphors that he was known for giving on the Dedication mixtapes.  Apparently there is a Dedication 6: Reloaded oming soon and I will be more inclined to tune in this time around.