The Middle | ZEDD x Maren Morris x Grey



I was literally wondering out of the blue last week when we were going to get some new music from Maren Morris.  I'm not sure if this song fully counts as new music from Maren as it seems to be a song commissioned by Target for an upcoming ad campaign.  Knowing that gives a lot of explanation as to the sound of the song.  Granted, it's a nice and catchy track, it isn't the sound I was expecting to hear from the country singer, Maren Morris.  After having great success following the release of her first album, she was a little quiet the latter part of 2017.  ZEDD and Grey are producers and songwriters in the realm of EDM/pop music so that further explains the sound.  It's a good song and I can definitely hear the song being played in a commercial and all over less urban radio.  Hopefully Ms. Morris will have some new music of her own coming soon and hopefully this track is a one-off deviation from her country sound, though it will likely widen her audience a little bit, which is never a bad move.