Dance | DNCE

Dance - Single.jpg


The title of this song is exactly what you'll likely be doing as soon as hit you play.  The funk/pop group lead by Joe Jonas (yes, from the Jonas brothers) is back with new music and it's following along the same lines as some of their previous hits.  The song is extremely catchy and is certainly a dance hit.  This is one of those songs that infects you almost immediately and you can't help but enjoy it.  I could hear this song in a commercial and it's also one of those songs that you'll randomly hear while shopping in a store like Forever 21.  After releasing their debut self-titled album in 2016, they had that single "Kissing Strangers" with Nicki Minaj last year, but that didn't seem to do as well as they probably anticipated.  There's not yet information on if this song is a single from an upcoming album, but they may just be testing the waters on the song first.  I think it should do very well in the appropriate markets and have a little more success than the last official single they released.