Chloraseptic (Remix) | Eminem x 2 Chainz x Phresher


I've never been shy about saying that I've never really been a fan of Eminem's music and even saying it when it was considered an unpopular opinion.  So, it's of no surprise that I have yet to listen to his newest album, Revival.  I did mention in a recent podcast episode that I wanted to hear the verse that 2 Chainz provided on the version of this song that was suddenly not included on the album.  The way that the decision was handled (apparently no one called 2 Chainz to tell him his version had been scrapped before releasing the track list), it made me wonder if he was on there out rapping Em.  Each rapper, including Em, handled their verse well but as a whole, the song doesn't really do much for me.  Eminem clearly had some stuff to get off his chest about the things that have been said about him and this new music he's released.  It certainly hasn't made me feel like I've missed something by not yet checking the album out.  I'm sure the song will do well as far as streaming goes, but can't say that I expect to hear it again.