'42 (Grown Up Tipsy) | Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight 42 Grown Up Tipsy


Ok, I must first acknowledge that Mr. McKnight is looking like a real adult snack on the cover of this single. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to think about this song just based on the title alone. Thanks to G-Eazy, I now know what 1942 is (a high-end tequila by Don Julio). I love the production on this song…a nice slow jam with a little bump to it. This is a classic example of an artist’s music growing with them. It’s nice to see Brian McKnight still out here making music and good music at that. The song is still youthful, but it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to hard to be trendy or trying to keep up. He’s always made solid music and this song seems to have all of the elements for what could be a successful song. At this point in his career, his fan base is solidified and they’ve grown with him so I’m sure they’ll enjoy this. He just released an album last year so I’m not sure if this is the lead off to a new project or just some music he’s throwing out there. Either way, I’m here for this grown and sexy bop.