Gut Feeling | Ella Mai x H.E.R.

Ella Mai Gut Feeling


After the last single release Ella Mai released (“Whatchamacallit”) on the heels of her album release, I was a little worried about how the album would sound. It’s been a few days since the album has been out and I must say it’s a solid debut full-length album from her. After seeing the tracklist, I was most excited to hear this song and see how the two ladies sounded together. It’s a nice song but nothing that I’m just over the moon about. Not really sure what I was expecting, but I feel like I was expecting more. The two sound good together, but I feel like I wish the production sounded a little different. It’s giving me, moonlighting piano player in a fancy restaurant vibes. The hook is catchy enough to leave an impression on you by the time the song is done and that may be enough to make you run it back. This wouldn’t be a bad single release for her since it’s a little slower than her other releases and almost gives you a ballad type of sound and H.E.R.’s presence is ever growing right now.