Who Hurt You? | Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar Who Hurt You


Likely just coming down from the success of his debut album, Freudian, Daniel Caesar is back with a new one. Based on his tweets surrounding the release of the song, the track seems to be an ode to an Atlanta stripper that seems to have captured his soul along with his one’s. The production on the song is super smooth and his vocals fit on it so well. T-Pain is also providing additional vocals on the track and who is more appropriate to feature on a song about a stripper?? Though Daniel has made his rounds with the features over the last year or so, this is his first solo release in over a year. The track is a nice way to return and should likely signal more new music to come. His first album was released in August 2017, so it’s a good time to get back into the swing of things. He’s also recently cut his dreads off so we’ll see if that drastic change translates to the music as well.