Against Me (Quemix) | Jacquees x Wale

Jacquees Quemix 3


When they start hating, give em more to hate on! This was the exact motto Jacquees lived by when deciding to release his mixtape Quemix 3 today on #Soundcloud. After the whole fiasco surrounding him releasing his version of Ella Mai’s “Trip",” this was a smart move by he and his team, especially while the attention is still hot. It also demonstrates that he’s been remixing songs since his career was just budding. The mixtape features remixes of some current songs then some older R&B classics. This particular song is a remix of H.E.R.’s song of the same name that was released on her EP I Used To Know Her: The Prelude. Of course, his vocals are dope and adding Wale to the song was a nice touch as this type of production is right up his alley making for a dope remix. Apparently his version of “Trip” (“Drip”) may have also been on the tape but then also may have immediately been removed. Hopefully the originators of the rest of the song won’t be as salty as Ella Mai’s label.