Distance | Mariah Carey x Ty Dolla $ign

Mariah Carey Distance


In all fairness to the legend, I decided to cover another new single release of hers because I was not feeling her first release at all! And although I didn’t cover her second single release, “With You",” I was also not feeling that song. When this song began, it was not looking good for the rest of the song because it was some strange intro of presumably cheerleaders spelling out the word spirit in true cheerleading form. The production kicks in and Mariah immediately begins singing. As the song continues and the momentum builds, my expectations get a little better. Ty Dolla $ign somewhat saves it for me, but it’s not enough for me to want to save the track to my faves or even possibly hear it again. This is the best release of the 3, but again after hearing the previous 2, that’s not saying a whole lot. Of the 3 releases, I could see this one getting the most radio play/attention and the Dolla $ign feature would help provide the assist for that. The weird cheer chant picks back up in the background of the chorus towards the end and it’s still very strange after hearing the entire song. Just very weird. Mariah has announced that her first album in 4 years will be released on November 16th so we’ll see what the rest of it sounds like, though my hopes are not high.