No Problem (Remix) | Tokyo Jetz x Trina

Tokyo Jetz No Problem


Tokyo Jetz has come a long from recording rap videos in her car. Since signing with T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, she’s been releasing songs individually and as a collective with her Hustle Gang mates. I think if you’ve ever heard Tokyo spit, her wordplay and flow is undeniably crazy. I have yet to listen to an entire project of hers but it’s definitely been on my things to do. Today, ahead of #NewMusicFriday, she released her album, Bonafide. Although I never heard the original version of this particular track, the Trina feature immediately caught my attention. It was the last song on the album and it was exactly where I wanted to start my listening session. This song confirmed that Trina is still the baddest and everything about her verse convinced me that the song would be a favorite of mine. Tokyo follows Trina’s verse and snaps as well making for a dope song. Even with T.I. leading the charge, Tokyo has yet to have a “radio hit” but going through the project, she may have a couple that they need to work to get there.