Checklist | Normani x Calvin Harris x Wizkid

Normani Checklist


I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated someone’s solo career more than I’ve anticipated Normani’s. Without warning, she just released a 2 for 1 collaboration with Calvin Harris, the famed EDM DJ/producer. The other track is a solo one titled, “Slow Down.” I think of the two, this one is my favorite though I have some gripes with both of the songs. I think I envisioned different production from her for her solo run. Though on this song, Calvin gives his best afro beat attempt, it just misses the mark for me. He should have had Wizkid get some co-production on it. The collab between her and Wizkid is not that surprising as he has and continues to make his rounds with some hot American R&B acts. The other release would have been dope but for the production. I would love to hear her on some more hip-hop influenced production though this song will likely do very well internationally. Either way, I’m still super excited for any and all solo projects from her and hopefully these releases signal the start of much more to come.