Money | Cardi B

Cardi B Money


Jesus Cardi. Cardi is officially off maternity leave. The production on this song is absolutely stupid (no info on who is responsible for it yet). It was originally said that the song would be released on Thursday, but I guess Atlantic and QC said, let’s go! I wonder if there is any irony in the fact that Nicki has been promoting the drop of the video she did for Jason Derulo’s new song, which I think dropped earlier today. Other than this song having potential anthem implications, I’m just glad to hear not too many obvious shots at Nicki. I really am over that story. It’s good to see Cardi’s return and in this way. The song is a banger! Even the cover art of the track shows how far she’s come in the game and this song further solidifies that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Oh and I can’t wait to see the visual for this.

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