Expectations | Lauren Jauregui



We now officially have a solo release from 4 of the 5 girls that made up the group Fifth Harmony. Lauren is the next one to join her current and former group members with the release of this new single. It was kind of hard to tell what each individual girl’s style and vibe was as an artist so these solo songs definitely give some insight and I’m rocking with hers. Some may know Lauren as the boo toTy Dolla $ign and I must say I was surprised to see he had no involvement on this track (at least no credit given). She probably was cognizant of the fact that people would be expecting that and likely wanted to show and prove on her own. Well, I’m sold. The production of the song has a cool vibe and her voice sounds amazing on it, especially when she hits the higher notes. No information as of now if there is going to be a full-length project or even an EP from her, but this song officially has it on my radar.