25 Soldiers | Swizz Beatz x Young Thug

Swizz Beatz 25 Soldiers


Hearing this song made me look forward to Thugger’s upcoming Barter 7 release. About a month ago, Swizz Beatz announced that he would be releasing a studio album, Poison. As expected, Swizz’s contribution to the album will likely be similar to this song and will just be him providing a hook and possibly some background vocals/ ad libs. Though this production sounded a little similar to some other slower tempo Swizz Beatz beats, I discovered that production credit is given to Arab. Thugger’s flow on this song is what I like to hear from him. Just straight rapping. Not him trying to give us too many harmonies and melodies, no extraness…just him going in. I’m not sure if I like the song enough to save it to my faves but I certainly prefer this track over the initial single release, “P.O.M.S. (Pistol On My Side),” with Lil Wayne. The track listing for the project looks like it should hopefully be a good one, but even these singles doesn’t give me an indication that that’ll be a guarantee. We’ve got about another month before the release and I predict we’ll get another single before then, which will hopefully give a little more insight.