80s Baby | New Kids On The Black x Salt-N-Pepa x Naughty By Nature x Tiffany x Debbie Gibson

New Kids On The Block 80s baby


Wow, talk about nostalgia. So I ran across this song and I wasn’t sure if this was something new or some sort of Old School Monday playlist I had stumbled upon. But nope, this is a current song that was just released by NKOB. Not only did the title take it back but the features on this song made me forget exactly what decade I was in. I do appreciate how they didn’t attempt to come back with a song sounding like the “current sound,” but the production feels slightly dated, which may have been the point. I knew New Kids had been touring recently, but I didn’t realize they had a couple projects recently, with the last release being a EP in 2017. Along with this single release, they also announced a tour and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these groups will also be joining them. Even as an 80s baby myself, I can’t say that the song is doing it for me, but I’m sure it’ll get the attention from their fans who are now all grown up.