WONDO | 6ix9ine



Welp, after saying that 6ix9ine’s album would not be releasing last Friday and the subsequent album leak, the decision was made yesterday that the entire album would be released on streaming platforms today and here we have it. I mean, it makes sense because it doesn’t appear that he’s going to be getting out anytime soon and the lawyer fees are stacking, so getting some income from this album release is wise. I’ve made previous attempts to get into his music or at least give it a try, but it’s really not my thing. I will say, I prefer when he has a more mellow flow over what we get on this particular song. It’s a lot of yelling and screaming (a la Onyx) but coupled with the content of his music, it is just too much for me. This song feels like a true audio representation of 6ix9ine. With all of the publicity he’s getting because of the fed case, it will likely translate into more streams than he would have probably had if he was free. If his team is smart, they’ll get the merch cracking so he can at least earn some personal income from this release and everything won’t be going to the label.