Subtle Thing | Marian Hill



There is so much music out here right now, I figured I would showcase some of the songs/artists that don't really get the mainstream attention.  This particular act had me thinking it was chick named Marian Hill, but nope.  It's actually a songwriting duo (a guy and girl) and neither of them are named Marian.  I discovered this song and as soon as the female started singing, I was like hmmmm, okay then.  I was definitely interested in hearing where the rest of the song was going to go.  When the hook plays, the EDM portion of the production picks up a little more .  I like the song, it's a nice fusion of hip-hop, pop and EDM.  I discovered that I actually had heard another song from the group before, but that song was heavy on the EDM side, though the song wasn't bad.  Not sure if this one is necessarily worth saving to my faves, but I could run it back a few more times.