Cutting Ties | 6lack



What a perfect way to start off Valentine's Day (insert smirk emoji).  This new song by 6lack was actually released yesterday but still right on time for the lover's holiday.  (Fun fact: 6lack's last name is Valentine.)  Anywho, the song is dope and I've already saved it to my faves.  I really like the song and as expected, 6lack is delivering his unique sound over a thumping, trap sounding production.  It's officially been over a year since 6lack released his Grammy-nominated debut album Free 6lack and even though it didn't win the Grammy, there are several songs on the album that I still find myself going back to.  He had a few single releases last year, but I don't think they really caught on.  I could see this song doing well, but the marketing and promo teams have to work a little harder than they've been doing.   Although his fan base is pretty large despite the lack of mainstream push, with his talent and sound, he could be even bigger than he is.