Creme De La Creme | B.o.B.



In the growing trend among artists, B.o.B surprised everyone with a new project titled The Upside Down yesterday.  Upon further research, apparently the project was released back in November on Instagram.   If you're anything like me, you're now thinking, well wth does that mean.  As he was the first to ever venture into that sort of territory, he released each song one by one on his Instagram page.  Yea, I'm still a little confused too.  Obviously, I follow music releases pretty closely and I never heard anything about this project. I also could have just bypassed it because I was not a fan of his previous release, Ether.  It appears that yesterday he finally decided to release the project using more conventional means. I like this particular song off the album and as someone who has been a B.o.B fan since pretty much his beginning, I must say I like this style of B.o.B music.  The song is short and sweet and leaves you with a few quotables and one-liners.