Rent | Lyrica Anderson x Blac Youngsta



I came across this new song from Lyrica Anderson that was released this past New Music Friday and I'm digging it.  Lyrica is giving us a money-making motivation track with a more gutter beat that I'm used to hearing from her with this release.  With the last review I did of Lyrica on one of the podcast episodes, I mentioned how I was surprised at how much I enjoyed her music. (I think my surprise stemmed from the fact that a lot of the #LHH characters put out some trash music).  With the success of his last few singles, putting Blac Youngsta on this track was a smart move.  As you can expect from him, you're getting some one-liners that literally will have you laughing out loud at his ridiculousness.  This is a track that would work well on radio and with the way Blac Youngsta has been doing his videos lately, she should definitely consider a visual and have whoever comes up with his video ideas spear heading that video treatment.