Suu Whoop | YG



It took me a few days to get over the creepiness of the cover art for this song.  The title of the song also had me hesitant to even blog about the song.  The gang ish is so wack to me that I didn't want to give it any additional attention.  I've never really got the YG buzz and this single doesn't change that sentiment.  I must say it was nice to hear him on this type of production and to my surprise, DJ Mustard is listed in the production credits as the person responsible for this beat.  I've complained before that all Mustard beats sound the same (that typical LA sound) and maybe somebody else told him the same thing because I would have never guessed that this was a Mustard beat.  The song itself isn't bad musically, the content is just way too left field for me to even get into it.  A new album from YG titled Stay Dangerous is expected sometime this year, but no specific date has been released yet.