Everything | Snoop Dogg x Jacquees x Dreezy



I love how Snoop said forget this new age idea of Friday being the day new music drops and released his new EP, 220, on Tuesday just like the good ole days.  I'm not sure if the title is supposed to be just for the date of release or if he released it on 2/20 because it fits the title perfectly.  I meant to cover this particular song a couple weeks ago when I noticed that it dropped.  It's a nice rap/R&B song.  It's also kind of dope that Snoop featured two young, up and coming acts on the track.  Sometimes, the older artist in the game can be out of touch with the younger talent that are making waves.  The last #Snoop news I heard before this project dropped was that he was going to be coming out with a gospel album.  I thought he was still doing the reggae thing as Snoop Lion until he released that last album.  I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for Snoop gospel, because what?!  I guess when you've had longevity like Snoop, you have earned the right to experiment with different sounds/genres.