Django Jane | Janelle Monáe



When the production on this song started, I wasn't quite sure where the song was going to go.  Since it's Janelle, the intrigue was there of course, but I didn't expect her to hit the song running the way she did.  Several bars were given throughout this song as she spits for all 3 minutes of the track. (The How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Viola wordplay at the 1:50-ish mark is insane). She also released another new song which is more along the lines of the Janelle that I was expecting from the first song and that track is equally as dope.  Janelle announced that a new album, Dirty Computer, is coming.  However, no exact date has been given yet.  I love how she came out blazing with these 2 very different, but dope singles.  Cover art on both are nice and I can't wait to see the visuals since she's known to give something aesthetically pleasing.