Do U Wrong | Leven Kali x SYD



I literally clicked play on this song solely because I saw SYD's name listed as a feature.  The production on the track is super groovy and SYD takes the lead off position hitting the beat with her sultry vocals.  Now, I've never heard of Leven Kali, but I'll definitely be on the lookout for more after hearing this song.  I mean, if SYD messes with him enough to feature on his song, he has to be worth checking out, right?  He was apparently featured on a Playboi Carti song from his debut mixtape back in April 2017 so he's not completely unknown to the industry.  I just really like the vibe of this whole song and it's already on my special Geeked Music playlist.  Mr. Kali has quite a few tracks on his Soundcloud account, so that should be a good starting point for those that want to get more acquainted with the L.A. singer/songwriter.