Hands On You | Ashley Monroe



It's Tuesday and of all the days of the week, I would say ironically, this is probably the slowest day of the week for new music.  So this is usually the day I try to randomly discover other acts and other songs that I may not normally come across.  I stumbled upon this song having no information about the song or the artist and I must say, I think I hit the musical lottery with this one.  Immediately I was intrigued and can officially add Ms. Monroe to my list of country artists to keep on my radar.  The production on this track is dope, even though I feel like it's a sound I've heard before.  I feel like this is a tune I would hear playing when the antagonist is on the way to wreak havoc in a Tarantino movie.  I like the song a lot and I love how it's not so overtly country but you can still tell it's country.  A new album titled Sparrow is expected from the singer on April 20th of this year so I'll definitely be on the lookout and let y'all know if the rest of the album lives up to the hype I'm making about this song.