We Are... | Noah Cyrus x Mø



It's been a minute since I've had the chance to write about Noah Cyrus.  After my review of her song "Almost Famous," she had a couple of other releases and I liked them all.  Her debut album, NC-17, feels like it should have been released already since she has had so many singles from the album out.  There's still no exact release date, but we do have this new single that was released today.  I was into the song almost immediately thanks to the production and I noticed the cover art only after the first go-round of the hook.  I couldn't help but grin and agree with young Noah's sentiments.  The song is cool, catchy and will definitely need a good edit job (that will hopefully not ruin the essence of the song) before it could be ready for radio, but once that happens, it's sure to be a hit.