Good Man | Ne-Yo



Initially I thought it had been a while since Ne-Yo released music, but apparently there were 2 songs out in 2017, so maybe it was just me that hasn't heard any new music from Ne-Yo in a while.  Now, I've never been shy about saying that Ne-Yo is one of those artists that I just could never connect with musically, but I can't deny that he's had some hits both as a songwriter and a performer, though I prefer him doing the former over the latter.  The message of the song is nice and we definitely don't hear that enough, but the song isn't really doing much for me.  He could have just saved this for his wife tbh.  Apparently an album with the same title is due out sometime this year, so I imagine this single is going to be pushed heavily.  Ne-Yo has never had a hard time getting radio spins, so I imagine that on the proper station, this song will get the same treatment but I could also see it not really connecting, even with the Ne-Yo fans.