Set Trippin | Casanova



The production on this song started off having me real intrigued, then Casanova starts rapping and the song got aggressive af.  The NY rapper has been out for a few years now, but I can't say that I've ever really heard of any of his music.  The song is a little too much for me...well mainly it's the hook, and since the song led off with the hook, it was hard to get me back after that.  Casanova was discovered by Memphis Bleek and knowing the style of rapper that Memphis Bleek was, it all makes sense.  The Roc Nation affiliate released a mixtape last year and I'm not seeing any album releases so I'm assuming that this song is a lead-off single for a debut album, though there is no information available to confirm that.  Although the production on the track is cool, it was hard for me to recover after the song began so I can't say that I'll be doubling back.