Wassup | Logic x Big Sean



Logic is back with the new mixtape Bobby Tarantino II, which is the follow up from his previous mixtape of the same name.  My first introduction to Logic was through that first Bobby Tarantino mixtape and although I wouldn't say that I necessarily became a huge fan, I was certainly intrigued by the rapper.  Then came the suicide hotline song.  If I never hear the song again, it will be too soon.  This particular song is more along the lines of the sound that I was initially used to hearing from Logic.  Big Sean does what you can expect from him on the track. The song is cool, but not really all that memorable.  I had to run it back 3 times because once the song finished, I couldn't really tell how I was feeling about the song.  I've heard enough dope music from Logic to give the whole mixtape a listen and hopefully it's more tracks like this and less like the suicide hotline song.