Hard Times | YFN Lucci



With the release of his first album, Ray Ray from Summerhill, YFN Lucci is out here trying to cement his spot in the rap game.  Although my first listen of the album left me feeling underwhelmed, this particular track was an immediate standout.  I would say that I've been a fan of Lucci's music so I feel like I need to go back and give it a listen but the first few tracks felt like I was listening to someone else, and not in a good way.  This song felt like it had the signature Lucci sound, from the production to his flow and it was definitely one of the few tracks from the album that I felt was worthy of saving to my faves.  Like I said, I've liked Lucci's music since he's been out so I feel like I owe the album another listen and maybe this time, more attentively.