It's Complicated | Wale



Wale has been dropping music off left and right lately.  This new EP titled It's Complicated appeared out of nowhere late last night.  It's interesting because the songs that he's released over the past few weeks aren't even on this new EP.  However, the same theme that was present in those songs are present on this new project.  If you caught the review I did on the track "Staying Power," you catch my drift.  Wale seems to be trying to send a message to those that ever doubted his rapping ability or felt like he was too mainstream.  He is back to basics and this new song is a good example of that.  No catchy hook, no catchy beat, just straight up story telling and lyrics...and I'm here for it.  I've also liked Wale and it's always good to see a rapper get back to their roots with the music, which seems like that's what he is on right now.