Bet Ain't Worth The Hand | Leon Bridges


I think I may have musical ESP because literally about 2 days ago, I was just thinking that it's way past due for some new Leon Bridges music.  I was a HUGE fan of his debut album, Coming Home, that was released in 2015.  Sheesh, I didn't realize it had been that long.  I also had the pleasure of seeing his live show which was equally amazing.  He popped up today with two new songs.  I meant to write about them earlier but I was fighting with TicketMaster earlier to get my OTR2 tickets.  (Yes, I got them, thank you for being concerned). Both tracks still have that old school sound that Leon Bridges is known for so that just wasn't a one off for his first release.  This track is a little slower than the other song (Bad Bad News) but it still has that soulful, olden sound.  This song is my favorite of the two but I do like them both.  He has a new album, Good Thing, that is expected to be released on May 4th of this year so these singles will likely be worked until that point.  Definitely excited for his return!