Don't Go Breaking My Heart | Q-Tip x Demi Lovato



Now, this is a collaboration that I don't think anyone would have predicted.  The unexpected duo is bringing us an updated version of the famed Elton John (with Kiki Dee) song of the same name.  It's has been longer than a minute since we last heard from Q-Tip...especially as a solo act.  He's done some guest appearances here and there and of course the return of the infamous Tribe for their latest album release.  I mean, the song is a classic so there's not much to say beyond that.  I will say that their version does sound new and fresh.  The single appears to be a part of a revamp project but information about the details of any project are absent for the moment.  It's definitely a good look for Demi as she continues to elevate her music career with each drop.