Memory Lane | Xscap3



I'm clearly not the only person that was side-eyeing this new Xscape release as Xscap3 with no Kandi.  And granted, Kandi doesn't necessarily make or break the group vocally or otherwise, but when it comes to nostalgic & legendary groups like Xscape, in general it's hard for fans to accept a new version of what was once treasured in our hearts (see TLC).  And this was a group that I was OBSESSED with.  Their marketing game needs a few tweaks because I kind of randomly stumbled upon this new release, Here For It.  I have really seen much press or publicity about it and I track music on a daily basis, several times a day.  I had a quick scan of the project and this song is probably the better of the bunch.  It's not giving me the old Xscape vibes but it's close.  I'm not sure where the disconnect is and it could very well be from Kandi's absence but I don't hate that they felt the need to keep the party going without her.