Playinwitme | KYLE x Kehlani



Since the success of his debut single with Lil Yacthy, "iSpy," KYLE has slowly started releasing new music for the new year.  This track with one of my faves, is the second single release so far this year and dare I say, I kinda like it. He is certainly maintaining that playful, silly vibe but that's more so just the production this time around.  Lyrically, I feel like I can take him more seriously with this track and it helps that he has the Kehlani feature.  It doesn't appear that this single or the previous release, "To the Moon" are connected to any particular album.  He has not released an album since 2015 and that was prior to the release of his breakout hit.  It seems like if these songs make the right traction, we may be getting some sort of full length project soon.